26 abril 2017

Stagecoach Etiquette

Wells Fargo posted rules in their stagecoaches, back when their coaches were the most popular form of long-distance travel in the United States. Which was one of their rules?

  1. Panniers, hoops, and other embellishments for the ladies are kindly requested to fit through the stagecoach doors. If they do not fit, you will be obliged to ride on top.
  2. If the stagecoach is robbed, comply with all demands made. Do not attempt to use force. Even if you carry your own firearm, do not use it.
  3. Abstinence from liquor is requested, but if you must drink, share to bottle. To do otherwise makes you appear selfish and unneighborly.
  4. Dogs and cats are allowed on the stagecoaches if kept in proper cages; birds are not.

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