15 outubro 2019

The Tomb of the Eagles

On the Island of South Ronaldsay in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland is a peculiar tomb. The site is a chambered tomb, built into the cliff’s edge around 3,500 BCE, and it wasn’t re-discovered until the 1950s. As you probably guessed from this post’s title, the tomb is the final resting place of 8 to 20 people – and 14 white sea eagles. Recent dating tells us the people were buried in it about 1,000 years before the eagles were.

It’s an amazing example of how a neolithic tomb was in use for many generations, and evolved in its meaning over time. Personally, I think its pretty cool that 1,000 years after their ancestors died, someone added eagles to accompany them.

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Our Experiments Taught Us Why People Troll

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VISIT –> www.all-about-psychology.com/gina-perry.html for a fascinating Q & A with psychologist Gina Perry who has conducted compelling research into Stanley Milgram’s infamous obedience experiments.

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Oração a São Vito

Oração a São Vito - Protetor dos neuróticos“Ó glorioso São Vito ! Vós suportastes, com calma e serenidade, as ameaças e insultos do vosso próprio pai e as perseguições dos pagãos. Até nas torturas do martírio conservastes uma tranqüilidade imperturbável.Olhai para mim, pobre servo e devoto vosso. Vede a que estado nervoso me reduziram o cansaço, o esgotamento, a ansiedade e a depressão.A

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