06 dezembro 2019

The Ability to Adapt Gave Homo Sapiens an Edge

The Ability to Adapt Gave Homo Sapiens an Edge:

Humans are pretty adaptable compared to other hominin species, and other apes, which may have been key to the survival of our species. Most animals stick to particular habitats, or are wide-ranging, and based on that scientists classify species on a continuum between generalist and specialist.

But homo sapiens are unique in that they can specialize, and they can generalize. We are specialist-generalists. Some humans have adapted intensively to one ecological niche, most famously high-altitude zones, while other wander across ecological zones. Yet we are still all one species, able to intermarry, or switch regions and adapt. That makes homo sapiens unique across species.

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Simpatia para ter lucros nos negócios

Simpatia para ter  lucros nos negócios Escolha um cristal qualquer e deixe junto de uma pirâmide durante sete dias.  No oitavo dia, coloque o cristal embaixo do seu travesseiro e durma com ele por duas noites.  Passado esse tempo, leve o cristal para o seu trabalho e coloque em um lugar onde os clientes possam ver, mas não tocar.  O cristal vai energizar o ambiente. A pirâmide deve ser posta

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Visit —>...

Visit —> www.all-about-psychology.com/women-in-psychology.html to learn about some of the most eminent women in the history of psychology.

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Hubble Spots Galaxy’s Dramatic Details

Some of the most dramatic events in the universe occur when certain stars die — and explode catastrophically in the process. When these star deaths, or supernovae, occur, their brightness can rival the light of a whole galaxy. The galaxy NGC 5468, shown in this Hubble image, has hosted a number of these supernovae the past 20 years.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2Lrf1JW
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Launched in 2008 to help anybody looking for detailed psychology...

Launched in 2008 to help anybody looking for detailed psychology information and resources, you will find https://www.all-about-psychology.com/ a useful and engaging place to visit whatever your connection with psychology - student, educator, professional or general interest.

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