27 março 2018

The Unlikely Queen

Queen Isabella of Castile, half of the famous pair Isabella and Ferdinand of Castile and Aragon, was never supposed to be queen. She was born in 1451 to King John II of Castile. He already had an heir, the twenty-six-year-old Henry, from his first marriage. And two years after Isabella, a second son was born, Alfonso. Isabella was third in line behind two men.

Fate happened in such a way that both died with children, though, and Isabella was suddenly heir to the throne. Well, Henry had a daughter. But rumor had it she wasn’t his true, legitimate daughter, and Isabella took the throne instead after a little bit of war.

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Training Animals

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An intensive, two-week study is being done on the Girl with the...

An intensive, two-week study is being done on the Girl with the Pearl Earring, one of Vermeer’s most famous paintings. Using a host of exploratory new technology, the Mauritshuis Royal Picture Gallery hopes to answer many questions about the painting’s creation. For instance, they are investigating what minerals went into the painting’s pigments.

It has been more than 20 years since the painting was scientifically examined. As you can imagine, science has progressed a lot since 1994, and the tools that are being used today are much less invasive.

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Curiosity Rover Gets Ready for Its Next Adventure

This mosaic, taken by the Mars Curiosity rover, looks uphill at Mount Sharp.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2pOJ4j9
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VISIT –>...

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