24 setembro 2017

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Massive Shell Expelling Star G79 29 0 46

Stars this volatile are quite rare. Captured in the midst of dust clouds and visible to the right and above center is massive G79.29+0.46, one of less than 100 luminous blue variable stars (LBVs) currently known in our Galaxy. LBVs expel shells of gas and may lose even the mass of Jupiter over 100 years. The star, itself bright and blue, is shrouded in dust and so not seen in visible light. The dying star appears green and surrounded by red shells, though, in this mapped-color infrared picture combining images from NASA's Spitzer Space Observatory and NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer. G79.29+0.46 is located in the star-forming Cygnus X region of our Galaxy. Why G79.29+0.46 is so volatile, how long it will remain in the LBV phase, and when it will explode in a supernova is not known.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2fIuXau
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As early as 700 BCE, the Zapotec people had developed into a...

As early as 700 BCE, the Zapotec people had developed into a complex society, living the city of Monte Alban, with lords ruling over them. But around 700 CE, Monte Alban’s power began to fade. Archaeological evidence has recently been found showing that Zapotec nobles around that time were practicing private rituals celebrating their personal power. Maybe they needed the ego boost as they watched their own power evaporate?

Excavations at Dainzu-Macuilxochitl unearthed a temple connected to a residence for nobles. At the residence, they found two pierced human jawbones dating to around 700 CE – one of which was carved. Yes, that’s a human jawbone up there.

The archaeologists think the jawbones likely belonged to venerated ancestors, and were worn as adornments during rituals focusing on the importance of the Zapotec nobles’ hereditary power. Nothing says “my ancestors were important, powerful people” like carving up their jawbones and wearing them as jewelry, am I right?

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H-NF Now Has A Patreon!


What’s that you ask? It’s a way to become a “patron” of this site. You contribute whatever amount you feel comfortable, to keep historical-nonfiction going. And you get great rewards in return!

Patreon is set up by monthly pledges. You sign up to give as little as $1 a month. If you’re feeling able, there are also $3 and $10 patron options. Every patron will get access to exclusive historical content over on patreon. You can also submit topic suggestions for future posts, and vote for which suggestions become posts! Your help will keep this website up and running, and help pay for repairs and improvements.

There’s other benefits too – when I reach 50 patrons on patreon, historical-nonfiction with do a question-and-answer session. When I reach 100 patrons on patreon, historical-nonfiction will go up to FOUR posts a day!

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Just wanted to remind everyone who follows me that historical-nonfiction is many hours, each month, to keep running all by myself. If you enjoy learning a little something each day, please consider donating or becoming a patron to help keep h-nf going.

If each of you gave just $1 a month, it would cover all costs and allow me to increase the number of posts each day. Which means more history for everyone!

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Color Me Mine

Coloring books for adults have been popular before – in the early 1800s. “Gift books” were collected essays, short fiction, and poetry which started being sold in England in the 1820s. The books would be printed each year in autumn, in time for the holiday rush. They quickly became popular. Over sixty gift books were in print by 1832. But those aren’t coloring books, you’re thinking.

Well, these gift books were often lavishly decorated with black-and-white engravings. And water coloring had become popular around the 1830s, when gift books were already a hit. The black-and-white illustrations in gift books allowed people of ordinary skill to color in and display these book plates as their own beautiful artwork. Which made gift books even more popular. And that is the history of the first coloring books for adults.

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VISIT –> http://ift.tt/1eWNk1f for quality...

VISIT –> http://ift.tt/1eWNk1f for quality psychology information and resources.

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