14 abril 2018

Irish Workers In The 1500s Drank Ale Like Water

Beer was a staple of the Irish diet, as much as bread, according to new research. Masons hewing stone at a Dublin quarry in 1565 were allotted 12 to 14 pints of ale a day, when doing extreme labor. That’s the highest amount. But the lowest daily amount is still pretty high: household staff at Dublin Castle, and Elizabethan soldiers stationed in Ireland, were drinking up to 8 pints of hopped ale a day.

In the 1500s, Irish beers had higher oat contents than English beers. Oat beer was reportedly thicker, and more bitter, than beer made predominantly with barley. They also have 400 to 500 calories a pint. You could drink nothing but beer, and get enough calories for your day!

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Ancient Egypt Affected By Climate Change?

Researchers recently claimed that ancient Egypt’s highly advanced civilization may have been brought down by unrest, primarily caused by climate change and volcanoes. The study used modern climate science and Ptolemy-Dynasty texts to explore the impact of volcanic eruptions on the flow of the Nile River.

It found that riots were caused by famines, which happened due to natural events that reduced the summer flooding of the Nile River. Without a proper flood season, crop yield was low or the entire harvest was lost. And hungry citizens are not good citizens.

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Three men swear to be lifelong brothers, and die on the same day if they can.


Who were these men? And why would they swear such a gruesome pact?


This comes from the great Chinese classic, “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Three men swear a brotherhood pact, in the hopes that united, they can defend the declining Han Dynasty. It doesn’t quite work…. but their names live on as the epitome of fraternal loyalty.

Congrats to  theowake, panicinthestudiohellyeahvan, and allthatisgoldglitternwinchester for getting it right!

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