22 julho 2017

Mercury as Revealed by MESSENGER

Mercury had never been seen like this before. In 2008, the robotic MESSENGER spacecraft buzzed past Mercury for the second time and imaged terrain mapped previously only by comparatively crude radar. The featured image was recorded as MESSENGER looked back 90 minutes after passing, from an altitude of about 27,000 kilometers. Visible in the image, among many other newly imaged features, are unusually long rays that appear to run like meridians of longitude out from a young crater near the northern limb. MESSENGER entered orbit around Mercury in 2011 and finished its primary mission in 2012, but took detailed measurements until 2015, at which time it ran out of fuel and so was instructed to impact Mercury's surface.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2vKLEaX
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How World War 1 Helped Serbia Get Named

In English, anyways. At the time Serbia was so new that English media hadn’t even settled on how to spell its name, with most calling it “Servia.” This annoyed the tiny nation to no end, causing the Serbian Legation in London to file an official protest and plea to change the standard spelling of Servia to Serbia. The Serbs found Servia “highly offensive to our people mainly because it suggests a false derivation … meaning ‘to serve’. It is a source of hidden pain to Serbians to see [media] persist in using the corrupt forms.”

Thanks to all the news coverage about the assassination and the start of the war, everyone knew the proper name and Serbians got what they wanted. Sure, they were part of Yugoslavia now. But no one spelled their name wrong! 

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The last scoreless National Football League game was in 1943 when the Detroit Lions and New York...

The last scoreless National Football League game was in 1943 when the Detroit Lions and New York Giants battled it out for a 0-0 tie. The NFL has since changed the rules so no ties are possible.

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