07 outubro 2019

Yeibichai – a female mask – carved by Navajo artist...

Yeibichai – a female mask – carved by Navajo artist Clitso Dedman (1897-1953). I was not able to find much clear information on Yeibichai online. If anyone knows about their place in the Navajo universe, I would love to hear about it – just message me through tumblr or the website!

Image courtesy of the Indianapolis Museum of Art

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The Study and Practice of Forensic Psychology: A Comprehensive Review

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Replacing the Space Station’s Solar Array Batteries

After completing the first of 10 spacewalks to upgrade the station, astronaut Christina Koch, wrote: The great @Space_Station battery swap series of spacewalks is underway!

from NASA https://ift.tt/35f34iE
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Visit: http://www.all-about-psychology.com/abnormal-psychology.html to learn all about ‘abnormal psychology,’ including an important discussion on whether the term abnormal psychology is actually fit for purpose.

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