06 março 2020

Mary Beatrice Kenner Davidson invented the sanitary pad....

Mary Beatrice Kenner Davidson invented the sanitary pad. Specifically, a sanitary belt with a moisture-proof napkin pocket, which made it much less likely that menstrual blood could leak. Unfortunately her invention was introduced to market thirty years after she invented it, because the company which first showed interest in the sanitary pad lost interest after realizing the inventor was African-American.

In 1957, Davidson was finally able to save up enough money to get her first patent independently. Pads had been sold since the 1920s. But Davidson’s version revolutionized the product by making it much, much more absorbent.

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Hubble Spies Galactic Traffic Jam

NGC 3887 is one of many galaxies in our universe with spiral arms, just like our own Milky Way. Until the 1960s, the behavior of spiral arms was an astronomical puzzle. The arms emanate from a spinning core and "should" therefore become wound up ever more tightly over time. Instead, they move more slowly, like an interstellar traffic jam.

from NASA https://ift.tt/3cLNcrM
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