02 março 2020

In the US, Women Could Vote Before They Could Be On Juries

In 1898, Utah became the first state to allow women to serve on juries. In 1921, the 19th amendment guaranteed women’s right to vote in all states. It said nothing about women’s right to take part in other civic duties, such as serving in the military or on juries, and left it up to individual states to decide.

Many states were still uncertain as to women’s fitness to decide court cases. So in 1927, only 19 states allowed women to be on juries. The Civil Rights Act of 1957 gave women the right to serve on federal juries. And it was not until 1973 that all 50 states allowed women onto their juries.

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Jane Austen nailing the concept of humblebragging in 1813.Via...

Jane Austen nailing the concept of humblebragging in 1813.

Via –> https://www.all-about-psychology.com/

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Astronaut Jessica Meir Configures the Light Microscopy Module

NASA astronaut and International Space Station Expedition 62 crew member Jessica Meir configures the Light Microscopy Module inside the Fluids Integrated Rack.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2TiRCPb
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