21 julho 2018

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Kiowa Buckskin Mixes Modern And Traditional

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Children Understand Far More About Other Minds

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Underground Resistance Groups during World War 2 Were Often Antisemitic

During World War II, partisan groups arose in the forests of eastern Europe. Often small bands, they were desperate people who hoped that by retreating to the forests and keeping their numbers small, they could survive Nazi occupation and potentially use guerrilla warfare to help weaken the Nazis in their area. Most were not Jewish. Most were locals who wanted to resist the occupation of their homelands.

Some number of the groups were Jewish, however. There were many reasons separate Jewish partisan groups arose, but one notable reason was antisemitism. Jews in non-Jewish partisan groups often hid their religion for fear of their countrymen turning on them.

Norman Salsitz, for example, used seven non-Jewish identities while fighting the Nazis in two partisan groups. At the second and larger one, the AK Polish Underground, a command was given to seek out and kill Jews being hidden on a farm. The AK Polish Underground took time from fighting Nazis to kill Jews hiding from the Nazis. Let that sink in. Norman Salsitz volunteered for the mission, killing the Poles who had been sent with him and rescuing the Jews in hiding. He then returned to his first partisan group, which was smaller and less effective, but which did not ask him to murder Jews.

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