17 outubro 2019

A Nudge in The Right (Behavioral) Direction

A Nudge in The Right (Behavioral) Direction:

Learn all about nudge interventions, a great topic for psychology teachers to explore with their students.

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A six-inch-long (10 cm) fragment of a ceramic figurine,...

A six-inch-long (10 cm) fragment of a ceramic figurine, apparently a woman’s torso, has been unearthed at the site of a workshop in northeastern Bulgaria near the coast of the Black Sea. The torso is decorated with stamped lines criss-cross the front and the back. There are also encrusted geometric motifs which might have been depicting clothing.

The complete statue is thought to have stood about 12 inches tall when it was created sometime in the brief Middle Chalcolithic period, between 4700 and 4600 BCE.

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The Truth About The Lie Detector Test

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VISIT –>...

VISIT –> www.all-about-psychology.com/history-of-psychology.html to learn all about the history of psychology.

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