26 julho 2019

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Visit –> https://www.all-about-psychology.com/neuropsychology.html to learn all about the fascinating branch of psychology which explores the relationships between the brain and behavior.

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Communist China Almost Had A Mao Dynasty

Did you know that Mao Zedong had a son? (Mao actually had 10 children, and 4 wives, but that’s another post.) The important son was Mao Anying. He had the vital qualities of being a man, surviving to adulthood, and not having mental health problems. Mao Anying was quietly being groomed, having been sent to the Soviet Union in 1936 for university. But then World War II broke out, and what does every good dictator’s heir need? Military experience!

Mao Anying joined the Soviet Red Army during World War II, serving as an artillery officer in Poland. As an added bonus, he got communist credentials, because China’s communist party was still friendly with the USSR at the time. When World War II ended he joined the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army, as a Russian translator and secretary, and was promptly sent to the new war in Korea. And in 1950 he was killed by an American napalm bomb.

With Mao Anying’s death, any chance of a Mao dynasty also died. China was forced to have a non-hereditary leadership, with the top job being given to who could politic the best.

Mao Anying’s chance death prevented China from becoming like North Korea, which does have a hereditary dynasty. Unfortunately for North Korea, the Kim family’s children were too young to fight in World War II or the Korean War, and all survived to inherit the dynasty.

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Oração para prosseguir no caminho de Deus

Oração para   prosseguir no caminho de Deus:  “Ó luz resplandecente, quanto fiquei feliz desde que te vi, a voz do teu silêncio adentrou-me o peito e senti a imensidão de tua beleza. Fiquei feliz por saber que sou uma centelha de ti que se expandiu pelo universo. Agora eu sei, para reunir-me contigo é que se faz minha existência. Mantém abertos os meus olhos, divina presença, para que eu jamais

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Hubble Snaps a Galactic Potpourri of Particles

The sharply angled perspective in this Hubble image of spiral galaxy NGC 3169 makes it seem as if we, the viewers, are craning our necks to see over a barrier into the galaxy's bright center. In the case of NGC 3169, this barrier is the thick dust embedded within the galaxy's spiral arms.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2YlsJFR
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VISIT –> https://ift.tt/1C5VtOf...

VISIT –> www.all-about-psychology.com/carl_jung.html for Carl Jung information, resources and full-text articles e.g. the association method.

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Memes Psychology Students Will Love!

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