11 março 2019

NASA's Future: From the Moon to Mars

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was photographed inside the Super Guppy aircraft that will carry the flight frame with the Orion crew module to a testing facility in Ohio.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2UuE01e
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Medieval Europeans Really Like Spices

A German price table from 1393 shows that seven fat oxen were equal in value to one pound of nutmeg.

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Not All Psychopaths Are Criminals: Some Psychopathic Traits Are...

Not All Psychopaths Are Criminals: Some Psychopathic Traits Are Actually Linked To Success.

Visit –> www.all-about-psychology.com/not-all-psychopaths-are-criminals-some-psychopathic-traits-are-actually-linked-to-success.html to read an article on psychopathic personality traits by Professor Scott O. Lilienfeld and Ashley Watts, Emory University

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