27 abril 2020

NASA Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

On Friday, April 24, 2020, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine visited the White House to brief President Trump on NASA's fight to alleviate COVID-19.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2KDmoNp
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Secret Whisky Distillery Found In Scottish Ruins

In examining the remains of two abandoned farmsteads from the 1700s, in the forest near Scotland’s Loch Ard, archaeologists found a surprising secret industry. The farmsteads apparently housed an illicit whisky distillery! Multiple buildings involved in making whisky survive including the remnants of a kiln for drying corn.

The farmsteads were well-placed for such illegal activity. They had easy access to Loch Ard’s water. And though secluded in the forest, the farmsteads were still just 25 miles north of Glasgow, where the whisky could be sold.

In the late 1700s and early 1800s, illegal distilling became common in the Scottish Highlands because stills making less than 100 gallons of whisky were banned and high taxes were placed on the grains used to make the spirit. In other words? All the incentives were there for non-taxed whiskys to make a handsome profit.

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You Can Change the World! Everyday Teen Heroes Making a Difference

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