21 outubro 2019

Minoans Had Colonies?

Crete started to become a trading power around 3000 BCE. By the middle of the 2000s BCE, it was the heart of a large trading network, with connections to Syria, Egypt, the many Aegean islands, and mainland Greece.

The Minoan people followed their ships, and established settlements throughout the Mediterranean world. When the Greeks did the same in the 700s and 500s BCE, their settlements were called “colonies.” And just like the later Greek colonies, these Minoan settlements spread Minoan language, arts, and textiles. Even urban planning: far-flung Minoan settlements were laid out just like Minoan towns back home.

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NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Conducts Repairs on the Space Station

NASA astronaut Christina Koch conducts her fourth spacewalk at the International Space Station with fellow NASA astronaut Jessica Meir

from NASA https://ift.tt/31uE9V3
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