19 agosto 2015



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Central Cygnus Skyscape

In cosmic brush strokes of glowing hydrogen gas, this beautiful skyscape unfolds across the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy and the center of the northern constellation Cygnus the Swan. The featured image spans about six degrees. Bright supergiant star Gamma Cygni (Sadr) to the upper left of the image center lies in the foreground of the complex gas and dust clouds and crowded star fields. Left of Gamma Cygni, shaped like two luminous wings divided by a long dark dust lane is IC 1318, whose popular name is understandably the Butterfly Nebula. The more compact, bright nebula at the lower right is NGC 6888, the Crescent Nebula. Some distance estimates for Gamma Cygni place it at around 1,800 light-years while estimates for IC 1318 and NGC 6888 range from 2,000 to 5,000 light-years.

from NASA http://ift.tt/1hLIP2m
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First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab An almost...

First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab

An almost fully-formed human brain has been grown in a lab for the first time, claim scientists from Ohio State University. The team behind the feat hope the brain could transform our understanding of neurological disease.

Though not conscious the miniature brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, could potentially be useful for scientists who want to study the progression of developmental diseases. It could also be used to test drugs for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, since the regions they affect are in place during an early stage of brain development.

The brain, which is about the size of a pencil eraser, is engineered from adult human skin cells and is the most complete human brain model yet developed, claimed Rene Anand of Ohio State University, Columbus, who presented the work today at the Military Health System Research Symposium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Previous attempts at growing whole brains have at best achieved mini-organs that resemble those of nine-week-old foetuses, although these “cerebral organoids” were not complete and only contained certain aspects of the brain. “We have grown the entire brain from the get-go,” said Anand.

Anand and his colleagues claim to have reproduced 99% of the brain’s diverse cell types and genes. They say their brain also contains a spinal cord, signalling circuitry and even a retina.

The ethical concerns were non-existent, said Anand. “We don’t have any sensory stimuli entering the brain. This brain is not thinking in any way.”

Anand claims to have created the brain by converting adult skin cells into pluripotent cells: stem cells that can be programmed to become any tissue in the body. These were then grown in a specialised environment that persuaded the stem cells to grow into all the different components of the brain and central nervous system.

According to Anand, it takes about 12 weeks to create a brain that resembles the maturity of a five-week-old foetus. To go further would require a network of blood vessels that the team cannot yet produce. “We’d need an artificial heart to help the brain grow further in development,” said Anand.

Several researchers said it was hard to judge the quality of the work without access to more data, which Anand is keeping under wraps due to a pending patent on the technique. Many were uncomfortable that the team had released information to the press without the science having gone through peer review.

Zameel Cader, a consultant neurologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, said that while the work sounds very exciting, it’s not yet possible to judge its impact. “When someone makes such an extraordinary claim as this, you have to be cautious until they are willing to reveal their data.”

If the team’s claims prove true, the technique could revolutionise personalised medicine. “If you have an inherited disease, for example, you could give us a sample of skin cells, we could make a brain and then ask what’s going on,” said Anand.

You could also test the effect of different environmental toxins on the growing brain, he added. “We can look at the expression of every gene in the human genome at every step of the development process and see how they change with different toxins. Maybe then we’ll be able to say ‘holy cow, this one isn’t good for you.’”

For now, the team say they are focusing on using the brain for military research, to understand the effect of post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries.


Image:  The tiny brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, is not conscious. Ohio State University

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W. E. B. Du Bois advocated eugenics! Not the guy who is remembered as one of the grandfathers of the...

W. E. B. Du Bois advocated eugenics! Not the guy who is remembered as one of the grandfathers of the modern civil rights movement? It surprised me too, but it’s completely true

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earth, mid-august, photographed by terra & aqua.belitung,...

earth, mid-august, photographed by terra & aqua.

belitung, indonesia
sea of japan | gibson desert, australia
rainforest & pampa, bolivia

2 days in august, uneasily combined. 

image credit: nasa/modis. animation: ageofdestruction.

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Qual o significado de sonhar com terra?

O que significa sonhar com terra?

Quando se pensa em terra, automaticamente lembramos de plantas ou em praia, certo? Mas o que nos levaria a sonhar com terra? Em que ela tenha mais destaque e importância para lembrarmos claramente dela, ao contrário de outros elementos?

É impossível saber o que nos atraiu tanto no elemento, por isso, quando temos sonhos assim pensamos que pode ser um sinal, um aviso que nos ajude no nosso futuro. E é isso realmente, pois cada elemento têm o seu significado no mundo dos sonhos.

E qual o significado de sonhar com terra? Apesar de parecer inofensivo, o seu sentido não é muito bom. O sonho com terra pode trazer o significado de que coisas ruins te cercam e que em breve uma notícia negativa chegará a você, o que vai tirar o seu chão.

Mas isso é relativo. Cada sonho tem sua interpretação, depende dos detalhes que apareceram nele. Por exemplo, era terra ou areia? terra preta ou vermelha? Cada detalhe pode mudar a interpretação.

Entenda os significado de sonhar com terra

Sonhar que está comendo terra - É um alerta. Tome cuidado com sua saúde, você não tem cuidado da sua alimentação e nem do corpo, e isso pode trazer graves problemas no futuro. Dedique mais tempo para cuidar de seu bem-estar.

Sonhar que mexe com areia - Este sonho é um aviso de que daqui para frente o seu trabalho ficará um pouco mais difícil e trabalhoso, mas não desista, pois no final a recompensa será muito boa. Pode ser também que em um futuro próximo você tenha de tomar uma decisão muito difícil. Reflita melhor sobre o que você quer da vida antes de qualquer escolha.

Sonhar com terra seca - Anuncia que sua vida financeira ficará um pouco complicada devido a uma fase ruim para você. Economize para ter um bom dinheiro guardado, caso alguma crise surja.

Sonhar com terra deslizando - Prenúncio de grandes mudanças. Porém não existe nenhuma garantia de que as novidades que estão por vir serão positivas. Tenha cuidado para que as oportunidades que lhe surgirão e só aceite aquelas que serão boas para seu futuro.

Sonhar com terra preta - Não traz um significado muito bom esse sonho, pois ele é um alerta de que o futuro vai te trazer algumas dificuldades. E, como consequência, poderá até ser humilhada diante de pessoas que você tanto admira. Mantenha a calma, pois assim conseguirá superar estas adversidades.

Sonhar com terra vermelha - Conhecida também como terra fértil, é sinal de que um período de prosperidade se aproxima de você e sua família. Pode significar também a chegada de um novo membro para a família. Comemore este momento.

Sonhar com terra rochosa - Cuidado! Existem problemas grandes em seu caminho. Só que para resolvê-los você precisará manter a calma e pedir ajuda aos seus familiares.

Sonhar com terra do mar - Sinal de conquistas. Aproveite esse momento de vitória e se lembre da luta que você fez para chegar até o sucesso. Só você sabe quantos obstáculos foram superados para chegar a esta conquista. Comemore!

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Qual o significado de sonhar com cobra?

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Byblos, in modern Lebanon, got its start as a Phoenician city...

Byblos, in modern Lebanon, got its start as a Phoenician city around 5000 years ago and archaeology shows settlements existed even earlier. We know it traded with the Middle Kingdom and the English word for bible derives from “Byblos” because so much papyrus was imported through this city.

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Testing on Deck

In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated August 19 as National Aviation Day in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday, directing citizens to celebrate the day with activities that encourage an interest and appreciation for aviation. NASA's heritage in aviation research goes back more than 100 years.

from NASA http://ift.tt/1PmyG6I
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Ebola Isn’t Over Yet

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Could You Charge an iPhone with the Electricity in Your...

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These science fair projects show a lot of potential!

These science fair projects show a lot of potential!

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gov-info: CDC Gov Docs/App: April is STD Treatment Guidelines...


CDC Gov Docs/App: April is

STD Treatment Guidelines App

The STD Treatment (Tx) Guide app is an easy-to-use reference that helps health care providers identify and treat patients for STDs. STD Tx Guide combines information from the STD Treatment Guidelines as well as MMWR updates, and features a streamlined interface so providers can access treatment and diagnostic information. The free app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Topics covered include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of 21 STDs and sexual assault.
  • Access to the full STD Treatment Guidelines.
  • “A Guide to Taking a Sexual History.”
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If you like psychology, you’ll love this collection of classic insights from the golden age of the discipline when the doctrine of inquiry was quite simply, if it’s interesting; study it and then write about it.

In this volume you’ll read about a case of multiple personality, children’s lies, stammering, fear of action, the nature of crowds and B.F Skinner’s critical evaluation of Sigmund Freud’s contribution to Western thought.

Written by people who shared an unquenchable curiosity to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior, the timeless psychology series is perfect for psychology enthusiasts looking for something thoroughly engaging to read and ponder.

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Leather shoe with a “poulaine” or elongated toe. In...

Leather shoe with a “poulaine” or elongated toe. In the mid-to late-1300s, it was very fashionable to have long, tapering toed shoes, worn by the aristocracy and the fashion-conscious. The longer the toe, the higher the social status. Since they were so difficult to walk, work, or fight in, those with the most leisure time could have the longest poulaines. This particular poulaine comes from London,  the mud along the Thames had preserved it perfectly for 700 years.

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August 19th 1883: Chanel bornOn this day in 1883, the French...

Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)

Chanel company logo

August 19th 1883: Chanel born

On this day in 1883, the French fashion designer Coco Chanel was born in Saumur. Born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, after the death of her mother she was sent to an orphanage and raised by nuns. As a young woman, Chanel frequently sang in cafes, during which time she acquired the name Coco. Having learned to sew at the orphanage, Chanel opened a hat shop in Paris in 1910, with the financial backing of her wealthy lover. Chanel began making clothes after she made a dress out of an old jersey on a cold day, and people expressed interest in her clothes. By the 1920s, Chanel’s business had expanded, allowing her to launch her first perfume - Chanel No. 5. However, a deal struck with businessmen who helped produce and market the perfume meant Chanel herself only received 10 percent of the profits. Also in the 1920s, she introduced the iconic Chanel suit and the little black dress, which were revolutionary and liberating in their emphasis on comfort over restrictive clothing such as corsets which had defined women’s fashion for decades. Chanel had a tumultuous and well-publicised love life, dating the duke of Westminster and, during the Nazi occupation of Paris, becoming involved with a German military officer. The scandal of her involvement with Nazis, coupled with the company’s financial difficulties after the Depression, led Chanel to retreat from the public eye until the 1950s. Coco Chanel lived long enough to see her career revived and her life be adapted into a Broadway musical starring Katharine Hepburn. Since her death in 1971 aged 87, the company she founded continues to be one of the most iconic names in fashion.

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How Coke Is Subtly Blaming You for ObesityWhich is more...

How Coke Is Subtly Blaming You for Obesity

Which is more important for weight loss: diet or exercise? While science has one answer, soda manufacturers have another

For years the message from medical experts to the increasingly hefty American population has been the same—watch what you eat, and exercise. But since everybody eats, but not every person is physically active, the focus has really been more on the former rather than the latter. Diet is an easier target, too, because the biggest culprits are simple to spot: fried favorites, calorie-dense fast food, sugar-sweetened beverages and processed foods that pack a lot of fat-building carbohydrates and sugar. Eat less of these, the white-coat brigade keeps telling us, plus more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and it’ll be easier to control weight, avoid putting on extra pounds and bypass serious diseases like heart problems and diabetes. The problem is, the messaging hasn’t worked. Obesity rates have continued to climb in recent decades. (While they’ve started to level off, there still aren’t many signs that they are beginning to drop.) So some people are now changing the mantra: instead of focusing on what you put into your body, turn your attention to what you do with the energy, stored up in the form of fat, that you’ve packed away. Worry less about your diet, and get active so you can burn off the unwanted calories you consume to keep your weight in check.

The sugar-sweetened beverage industry has hungrily adopted the message. Facing mounting pressure to improve their products, both when it comes to calories and overall nutrition, they’re eagerly shifting the attention—or blame—from their fare to the American public. It’s not us, they seem to be saying, but you. You’re just not moving enough to burn off all the calories you’re taking in. First, the makers of Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi, along with the American Beverage Association, launched Mixify, a campaign that encourages young soda drinkers to “mixify” their balance of sugared drinks and exercise, giving license to indulge more if they’re more active. But the latest soda-backed program is the Global Energy Balance Network, a collaboration of leading medical experts with a mission to urge Americans to focus on finding a better balance between what they eat and what they burn off (which, for the mainly sedentary American population, is about getting more active.) The network is supported by Coca-Cola, though initial invitations to scientists failed to mention that.

(More from TIME)

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Simpatia para encontrar um amor e casar

Compre 3 palmas  brancas
fita azul

Abra sua mão esquerda ( dedos abertos) , meça com a fita do dedo mindinho ao polegar (mata-piolho) por 9 vezes(segure pra marcar e meça de novo com a continuidade da fita ,você tem que medir por 9 vezes). Com a medida total das nove vezes que você mediu, você vai enrolar a fitinha em volta das 3 palmas juntas, dá um lacinho e leva para entregar a Iemanjá no mar e fale no momento que for colocar as palmas na água:

 Minha santinha querida
espero que me traga o amor verdadeiro
Netuna, eu te salvo   ( abaixe a cabeça neste momento)
eu te salvo Netuna   ( abaixe a cabeça neste momento) e eu te agradeço Nossa Senhora da Conceição ( abaixe a cabeça neste momento)


via @notiun

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