13 dezembro 2019

A Bold New Theory Proposes That Humans Tamed Themselves

A Bold New Theory Proposes That Humans Tamed Themselves:

A leading anthropologist suggests that protohumans’ decrease in reactive aggression, alongside developing greater intelligence, cooperation, and social learning abilities, were key to homo sapiens becoming what we are today. These just happen to be the characteristics that increase when humans domesticate animals. Did we, perhaps, domesticate ourselves too?

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Simpatia para comerciante ter mais dinheiro

Simpatia para comerciante ter mais dinheiro Coloque um vaso com arruda e outro com comigo-ninguém-pode em seu comércio, de maneira que o cliente os veja assim que entrar.  Embaixo de cada vaso, coloque uma moeda de qualquer valor e reze um Pai-Nosso.  Só tire as moedas de lá quando não quiser mais fazer a simpatia e as dê a alguém necessitado.  Lembre-se de cuidar bem dessas plantas, pois,

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Worlds Oldest Sewer System Found in Turkey


An excavation team has found evidence of an 11,800-year-old sewer system at the ancient settlement of Boncuklu Tarla East in southeastern Turkey. It has been confirmed to be in a public use area, making this the oldest known sewer system in the world.

It was surrounded by buildings thought to have stood about 23 feet tall and reached up to 8 stories. With that much space comes plenty of people – and their waste.

gowest58: At first I thought this said worlds oldest turkey found in sewer system. 🦃

Ah, if only

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Hubble Views Galaxy’s Dazzling Display

​NGC 3175 is located around 50 million light-years away in the constellation of Antlia (the Air Pump). The galaxy can be seen slicing across the frame in this Hubble image, with its mix of bright patches of glowing gas, dark lanes of dust, bright core, and whirling, pinwheeling arms coming together to paint a beautiful celestial scene.

from NASA https://ift.tt/38upyOl
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Great quote on employee engagement by HR thought leader Nigel...

Great quote on employee engagement by HR thought leader Nigel Paine. Quote Image Via: https://adaptastraining.com/

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