11 novembro 2019

Name tags (in Korean: hopae) were, at times, legally required...

Name tags (in Korean: hopae) were, at times, legally required for all adult males under the Joseon government. First introduced in 1413 by King Taejong they were apparently modeled after a similar system under the contemporary Yuan Dynasty. Hopae were required on and off until the early 1600s, usually when the government saw the need to control internal migration. The tags are made of wood or horn, and showed the man’s name plus other required identification. Some also included rank and permissions.

These particular tags belonged to soldiers. They list the soldiers’ name, year of birth, year of entering service, position, and place of residence/troop. The last two on the right were for two brothers, both cannoneers (別破陣).

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10 novembro 2019

Obscure engravings on animal bones from the site of Lingjing in...

Obscure engravings on animal bones from the site of Lingjing in Henan Province suggest that early hominins who lived there 125,000 years ago may have had more advanced cognitive abilities than once believed. The mysterious markings proved to have been etched into the bone. The bone was then rubbed with red ochre powder to make the markings more visible. It is unknown why they made these marks, or what they represent.

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09 novembro 2019

European Countries’ Army Expenditures, By Year

From 1914 to 2005. Or, from World War I through the Invasion of Iraq

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08 novembro 2019

James Buchanan was born in 1791. He was the 15th president of the United States, and his two...

James Buchanan was born in 1791. He was the 15th president of the United States, and his two immediate predecessors were both born after 1800 (13th president Millard Fillmore in 1800, 14th president Franklin Pierce in 1804). Buchanan is the only US president whose century-of-birth preceded that of the president before him.

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Simpatia para afastar pessoas egoístas

Simpatia para afastar pessoas egoístas Espete uma espada-de-são-jorge em um vaso que tenha em sua casa.  Depois de sete noites, retire a planta, como se estivesse retirando as pessoas egoístas de sua vida.  Jogue a planta no lixo e reze um Pai-Nosso e uma Ave-Maria.  Lembre-se sempre de lavar bem as mãos após entrar em contato com a planta, já que ela é tóxica.

via @notiun

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Building the Rover of the Future

A student from Sinte Gleska University works to build a model rover for a NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2pJXuoJ
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07 novembro 2019

Did You Know France Got Some Of Italy After WW2?

The land ceded was relatively small. Still, it was a big change for the people living there! They woke up one day and were suddenly French citizens

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This Week in NASA History: First Launch of Saturn V – Nov. 9, 1967

This week in 1967, the Apollo 4 mission launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

from NASA https://ift.tt/36I5cQw
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06 novembro 2019

The Long Occupation of Estonia

Since 1219, Estonia was ruled at various times by Danish, Swedish, German, and Russian governments. It declared independence after World War I, but that only lasted until 1940 when it was occupied by the Soviet Union. Estonia has only been an independent nation since 1991.

That means that since 1219, Estonia has been independent for exactly 50 years out of 800!

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The Cygnus space freighter is attached to the Unity module

The U.S. Cygnus space freighter from Northrop Grumman is pictured in the grips of the Canadarm2 robotic arm as it was installed to the Unity module for 70 days of cargo transfers.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2JVlN9U
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