24 outubro 2014

AR 2192: Giant on the Sun

As you (safely!) watched the progress of yesterday's partial solar eclipse, you probably also spotted a giant sunspot group. Captured in this sharp telescopic image from October 22nd the complex AR 2192 is beautiful to see, a sprawling solar active region comparable in size to the diameter of Jupiter. Like other smaller sunspot groups, AR 2192 is now crossing the Earth-facing side of the Sun and appears dark in visible light because it is cooler than the surrounding surface. Still, the energy stored in the region's twisted magnetic fields is enormous and has already generated powerful explosions, including two X-class solar flares this week. Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) associated with the flares have not affected planet Earth, so far. The forecast for further activity from AR 2192 is still significant though, as it swings across the center of the solar disk and Earth-directed CMEs become possible.

from NASA http://ift.tt/1tPQWQ6

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BREAKING: Marysville Police Planned SWAT Drill at School Day...

BREAKING: Marysville Police Planned SWAT Drill at School Day Before Shooting

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land-of-propaganda: The thuggification of young black victims...


The thuggification of young black victims of white violence: Is thug the new n——r?

— (Read Shaun King’s full report ) —


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The first U.S. President who was a KKK member was William McKinley, who was a former Union officer, according to kkk.org. Not much is known about his involvement with the Klan, but many union men joined the KKK during its First Era during the Radical Republican’s anti-white Reconstruction Era.

Woodrow Wilson was the second U.S. President to be a KKK member. According to Nick Ragone’s book, “Presidents’ Most Wanted: The Top 10 Book of Extraordinary Executives, Colorful Campaigns, and White House Oddities,” Wilson was known as a virulent racist and actually helped Klan membership skyrocket by providing screenings of The Clansman and Birth of a Nation for members of his Cabinet, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Wilson’s ideology helped pave the intellectual foundation of the campaigns of racist Dixiecrats Strom Thurmond and George Wallace. Wilson is also credited with allowing Washington D.C. to become Jim Crow territory. He also never shied away from speaking publicly about the ‘benefits’ of segregation.

Warren G. Harding was the next president who was a KKK member. According to kkk.org and the book The Fiery Cross, Harding was actually sworn in at a KKK ceremony that was held at the White House by Imperial Wizard Colonel Simmons. Harding was not the only president to allow Klan activities to be held on White House grounds.

Calvin Coolidge was a well known and active Klan member who allowed cross lightings on the Capital steps and also reviewed the giant Klan parades of 1925 and 1926 that were held in Washington D.C..

Harry S. Truman is the final U.S. President to have ties to the KKK that are known and documented. While he was not a prominent member, he did pay dues to the organization between 1920 and 1922. He eventually parted ways with the Klan due to their disapproval of his appointment of Roman Catholics to key political positions.


Ya don’t say

I’m not even surprised.

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The Giraffe's Height

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"Everywhere has Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi, made provision for two types of medical..."

“Everywhere has Beloved-of-the-Gods, King Piyadasi, made provision for two types of medical treatment: medical treatment for humans and medical treatment for animals.”

- Ashoka the Great boasting of his care for the animals, and humans, living within his empire — from the Edicts of Ashoka, which were 33 inscriptions listing his religious beliefs, moral precepts, and his concern for social (and animal) welfare
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npr: Health officials are saying it. Scientists are saying it....


Health officials are saying it. Scientists are saying it. Heck, even many journalists are saying it: “The risk of Ebola infection remains vanishingly small in this country,” The New York Times wrote Wednesday.

But what does that mean? Are you more likely to be struck by lightning or catch Ebola?

The answer to your question: What’s my risk of catching Ebola?

Graphic credit: Adam Cole and Ryan Kellman for NPR

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Psychology Students

Psychology Students:

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"The capacity of man himself is only revealed when, under stress and responsibility, he breaks..."

“The capacity of man himself is only revealed when, under stress and responsibility, he breaks through his educational shell, and he may then be a splendid surprise to himself no less than to this teachers.”

- Harvey Cushing (via neuromorphogenesis)
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If you like psychology, you’ll love...

If you like psychology, you’ll love http://ift.tt/1eWNk1f

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Bugs Bunny accidentally transformed the word nimrod into a synonym for idiot because nobody got a...

Bugs Bunny accidentally transformed the word nimrod into a synonym for idiot because nobody got a joke where he sarcastically compared Elmer Fudd to the Biblical figure Nimrod, a mighty hunter.

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October 24th 1864: Johnson’s ‘Moses of the Colored...

Andrew Johnson (1808 - 1875)

Thomas Nast's cartoon 'The Modern Samson' shows a black figure being threatened by a Democratic mob. Johnson is depicted to the right as Moses, having vetoed Reconstruction legislation

October 24th 1864: Johnson’s ‘Moses of the Colored Man’ Speech

On this day in 1864, vice presidential candidate and military governor of Tennessee Andrew Johnson made his famous ‘Moses of the Coloured Man’ speech in Nashville. In 1860, Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected President and Northern Radical Hannibal Hamlin his Vice-President. The election of a decidedly anti-slavery ticket prompted the Southern states to secede from the Union, ushering in a bloody Civil War. When it came to the 1864 election, Lincoln chose Andrew Johnson as Vice-President instead of Hamlin in order to broaden his support in the Middle South. On October 24th, during a black rally for the Union ticket in Nashville, Johnson gave a speech from the state capitol building. In the speech he acknowledged that the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 had not freed the slaves in Tennessee, and thus proclaimed "freedom, full, broad and unconditional, to every man in Tennesse!". The speech saw Johnson shoring up his anti-slavery credentials, attacking hypocritical slaveholders, and suggesting that he would be a ‘Moses’ figure to lead African-Americans towards freedom. However, after Lincoln’s assassination and Johnson’s elevation to the Presidency it became clear he would be anything but a ‘Moses’ figure. He failed to defend the rights of the freedmen and favoured restoring power to former Confederates. This disparity between his lofty claims in Nashville and reality was not missed by contemporary observers. African-Americans lamented how he had failed to protect their rights, and Northern satirists ironically referred to the President as ‘Moses Johnson’. Many white southerners also seized on the imagery of Johnson’s Moses speech, claiming that he had become the ‘Moses of the white man’ instead. Andrew Johnson battled with the Radical Republicans in Congress throughout his presidency, who had their own vision for the Reconstruction of the postwar South which emphasised rights for the freed slaves. This conflict culminated in 1868 with Johnson becoming the first President to be impeached, narrowly escaping removal from office by one vote. Johnson lost the 1868 Republican nomination to Ulysses S. Grant, who went on to win the Presidency and take over the oversight of Reconstruction.

"I will indeed be your Moses, and lead you through the Red Sea of war and bondage, to a fairer future of liberty and peace"

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