28 outubro 2019

“Kleptomania” and “kleptocracy” come from the same Greek word, kléptein, “to steal.”...

“Kleptomania” and “kleptocracy” come from the same Greek word, kléptein, “to steal.” Another descendant of  kléptein is Kléftis.

In modern Greek, Kléftis were highwaymen turned self-appointed anti-Ottoman insurgents. They were descendants of Greeks who retreated into the mountains during the 1400s after the Ottomans conquered the Greek-speaking world, and they maintained a war of harassment against the Ottomans until the 1800s and Greek’s independence. Being an insurgent was a family tradition!

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A Trail of Night Lights from the International Space Station

This image of star trails was compiled from time-lapse photography taken by NASA astronaut Christina Koch while onboard the International Space Station.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2MU6zE0
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