11 outubro 2016



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What do you know about the Apis bull?

The ancient Egyptians worshipped Ptah, god of craftsmen and architects. And depending on which of the ancient Egyptians many creation stories you follow, Ptah created the entire universe, just by thinking it up. In Memphis he was the chief god. There, a living symbol of the divine creator was worshiped for millennia. Read more about the Apis bull, an enduring feature of ancient Egyptian religion. 

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Tell es-Sultan claims to be the oldest town in the world....

Tell es-Sultan claims to be the oldest town in the world. Archaeology doesn’t particularly support that. But Tell es-Sultan is interesting for other reasons. It was once called a more well-known name: Jericho. Archaeological excavations have shown that the area was permanently inhabited first in 9000 to 7000 BCE. By the 7000s, Jericho was a large fortified town on an artificial mound. The settlement was surrounded by a stone wall which supported a round tower. Athough it may not be able to brag about being the oldest town in the world, Tell es-Sultan can still claim to have the oldest fortifications yet known.

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The Jungle Cat

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Cyrus the Great founded the Persian Empire, and he founded a new capital city for his new empire,...

Cyrus the Great founded the Persian Empire, and he founded a new capital city for his new empire, too. He named it Pasargadae. Today it has been overshadowed by the newer capital city, Persepolis, built by Cyrus the Great’s distant successor Darius I. But in its time, Pasargadae was legendary. The city boasted not just one but two royal palaces. And it contained an extensive, walled hunting park where wild animals roamed free. This park, or garden, was known in Persian as “pardes” and gave English the word “paradise.”

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Relatos de palhaços assustadores chegam ao Brasil


De acordo com o G1, o Brasil ganhou uma versão nacional dos “palhaços assustadores” que tem sido relatados nos Estados Unidos e Reino Unido nos últimos meses.

“Moradores de São Paulo dizem nas redes sociais também ter visto pessoas vestidas de palhaço e fazem ‘alertas’ para que alguns lugares sejam evitados. Até um evento foi criado para ‘caçar’ palhaços em Osasco, na Grande São Paulo”, diz a reportagem.

Assim como em outros países, os palhaços foram vistos em locais remotos e próximos a vegetações altas. Há avistamentos também ocorrendo em locais públicos como shoppings e avenidas.

No entanto, a Polícia Militar informa que “não houve, até o momento, qualquer relato de tais supostas ações”.

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In Daylight on the Night Side

NASA's Cassini spacecraft looks down at the rings of Saturn from above the planet's nightside.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2dtjGYK
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