26 junho 2019

Abdução de Pascagoula: cidade comemora história de sequestro por alienígenas

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Ancient Chinese Elixir of Immortality Found - In A Tomb

A wealthy individual living in the Chinese city of Luoyang during the Western Han Dynasty (202 BCE to 8 CE) was buried with an assortment of fine bronze, jade, and ceramic objects. Among their burial goods was a jar containing a yellow liquid which smelled alcoholic. Amazingly, it had survived over 2,000 years without seeping away.

Although initially thought to be rice wine, a chemical analysis has revealed the liquid to be a mixture of potassium nitrate and alunite. These minerals are the main ingredients of the legendary “elixir of immortality” mentioned in ancient Chinese texts. Given that it was found as part of a burial, the elixir did not work.

Still, this is a major find. It is the first hard evidence that one of the various “immortality medicines” written about in ancient texts were actually made. And presumably tried out, too.

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The Amazing Power of Music Therapy

The Amazing Power of Music Therapy:

Fascinating article on the amazing power of music therapy by Kathleen Howland, Professor of Music Therapy, Berklee College of Music.

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Searching for Freshwater In Snowy Places

Snowflakes that cover mountains or linger under tree canopies are a vital freshwater resource for over a billion people around the world.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2YaNZL0
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