26 fevereiro 2017

A Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud Over Montana

Is that a spaceship or a cloud? Although it may seem like an alien mothership, it's actually a impressive thunderstorm cloud called a supercell. Such colossal storm systems center on mesocyclones -- rotating updrafts that can span several kilometers and deliver torrential rain and high winds including tornadoes. Jagged sculptured clouds adorn the supercell's edge, while wind swept dust and rain dominate the center. A tree waits patiently in the foreground. The above supercell cloud was photographed in 2010 July west of Glasgow, Montana, USA, caused minor damage, and lasted several hours before moving on.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2kZHgUH
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ORAÇÃO FORTE E PERIGOSA PARA TRAZER AMOR DE VOLTA Esta oração é perigosa. Atua em todos os elementos do universo. Quando tiver realizando verá a imagem da pessoa e a partir desse momento não tem mais volta. Se não a ama, não faça, não tem volta, ela vai pertencer a você para sempre. O resultado é imediato. Pense bem!Deus imortal, eterno, inefável e incriado, pai de todas as coisas, que é levado

via @notiun

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In the early 1500s, a rhinoceros arrived in Lisbon as a gift...

In the early 1500s, a rhinoceros arrived in Lisbon as a gift from an Indian ruler to the Portuguese king Manuel. As the first rhino in Europe since Roman times, it caused quite a stir. The German artist Albrecht Durer created a woodcut which was based on the letters and sketches he received about the fabulous new rhinoceros. Durer’s woodcut became THE rhinoceros, and  circulated around Europe for the next two hundred years. This is despite its many inaccuracies—scaly legs, armored rivets, a gorget, and, perhaps most puzzlingly, a horn on the creature’s back. Oops!

King Manuel arranged a battle between the rhinoceros and a captive elephant, to test Pliny the Elder’s assertion that those two animals were “natural enemies.” Unfortunately, in a complete anticlimax, the creatures shied away from each other and refused to fight. King Manuel, disappointed, gifted the rhinoceros to the Pope. Great way to cover up his pseudo-scientific experiment’s failure! Sadly, the ship transporting the rhinoceros sank, and the animal drowned before reaching Rome. But the rhino lived on, in Durer’s woodcut.

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antikythera-astronomy:From astrophysicist Katie Mack. I’m 100%...

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Happy birthday John Bowlby. Born February 26, 1907.VISIT...

Happy birthday John Bowlby. Born February 26, 1907.

VISIT –> http://ift.tt/2kZUEqX for quality developmental psychology information and resources.

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February 26th 1993: World Trade Center bombingOn this day in...

February 26th 1993: World Trade Center bombing

On this day in 1993, a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The bomb was intended to knock the North Tower into the South Tower to destroy them both, but this did not occur. The attack still killed six people, including a pregnant woman, and injured over one thousand. The terrorist attack was planned by a group of conspirators and masterminded by Ramzi Yousef. In 1994, four men were convicted of carrying out the bombing and two more were convicted in 1997. The group were funded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who would go on to be the principal co-ordinator behind the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. The memorial to the victims of the 1993 attack was destroyed on 9/11, but they are currently memorialised at the North Pool of the National 9/11 Memorial, opened in 2011.

“It felt like an airplane hit the building”
- eye-witness Bruce Pomper on the 1993 attack
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Police Dog Training at the Citadel, Warsaw, 1929

Police Dog Training at the Citadel, Warsaw, 1929

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