07 setembro 2018

Phalanxes Had Problem: Everyone Wanted To Be Right

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Bright Spots On Ceres

Bright surface features on the dwarf planet Ceres known as faculae were first discovered by NASA's Dawn spacecraft in 2015.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2Me8LCU
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FDR Got Pranked By The Universe

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president of the United States who was famous for his reassuring “Fireside Chat” radio addresses, was afraid of fire.

He refused to lock his bedroom door at the White House, as previous presidents did, in case he needed to make an escape at night. In fact, FDR was so afraid of fire that he would often practice how he could get out of his burning room, dropping quickly from his bed or chair and crawling to the unlocked doors.

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VISIT –>...

VISIT –> www.all-about-psychology.com/sigmund-freud.html for Sigmund Freud information and resources.

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