23 novembro 2017

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Apollo 17 at Shorty Crater

In December of 1972, Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent about 75 hours on the Moon in the Taurus-Littrow valley, while colleague Ronald Evans orbited overhead. This sharp image was taken by Cernan as he and Schmitt roamed the valley floor. The image shows Schmitt on the left with the lunar rover at the edge of Shorty Crater, near the spot where geologist Schmitt discovered orange lunar soil. The Apollo 17 crew returned with 110 kilograms of rock and soil samples, more than was returned from any of the other lunar landing sites. Forty five years later, Cernan and Schmitt are still the last to walk on the Moon.

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Between 1896 and 1907, archaeologists Bernard Grenfell and...

Between 1896 and 1907, archaeologists Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt discovered an amazing treasure trove. But their treasure was words, not gold: over 500,000 papyri fragments, dating back around 1,800 years, so well-preserved that they are still readable to the naked eye. The fragments were uncovered in the ruins of Oxyrhynchus, a sizable ancient town in southern Egypt that flourished when the Roman Empire controlled Egypt. The town’s arid conditions meant that the ordinary residents’ papyri survived nearly 2 millennia. 

The papyri include Christian gospels, magical spells and even a contract to fix a wrestling match!

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Thought this might come in handy today!

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Saint Lucia is the only country in the world named after a...

Saint Lucia is the only country in the world named after a woman.

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On The Pathogenesis of Some Impulsions by Pierre Janet

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