27 janeiro 2019

Japan Deployed The Largest Battleships of WW2

The Yamato-class ships consisted of the namesake Yamato herself, and her sister ship the Musashi. They were the largest battleships to be put into service in World War 2. With an enormous hull length stretching 863 feet, the Yamato-class was greater in size than all other battleships worldwide, with 20 percent more water displacement than any American vessel.

The USS Iowa-class vessels were the only battleships longer than the Yamato-class ships at 887 feet. But the USS Iowa was still less massive than the Yamato: the USS Iowa displaced 45,000 long tons of water on average whereas the Yamato displaced 70,000 long tons on average. That’s double.

The Musashi was sunk on October 24, 1944 in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The Yamato was sunk when intercepted on its way to Okinawa on April 7, 1945; its mission was to run itself aground then defend Okinawa to the end.

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