18 janeiro 2015

washingtonpost: For the hundreds of children who lost parents...


For the hundreds of children who lost parents in Afghanistan, the conflict that began 26 days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will never really end. They continue to pay the cost of war with the cheers they won’t hear from the soccer sidelines, the hugs they won’t get at their high school graduations, the arms they won’t clasp down the aisle at their weddings.

Here are 14 portraits of those children, one for each year of a war that has claimed 2,351 American lives since 2001. Those profiled range in age from 6 to 34 and live from Connecticut to California. They are second-graders and high school seniors, athletes and artists, strugglers and strivers.

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malformalady: Ice halo phenomena including rare suncave and...


Ice halo phenomena including rare suncave and sunvex Parry arcs, helic arcs, and intense supralateral and infralateral arcs. A rare ‘ice halo’ was seen above New Mexico has as the arctic blast continued to make its way across the country, causing temperatures to plummet below freezing in dozens of cities.The optical phenomenon was captured by Texan photographer Joshua Thomas above the town of Red River - which has experienced sub-zero temperatures throughout the last few days.The variety of rings and arcs in the sky are formed by light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere during the cold weather.

Photo credit: Joshua Thomas

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The Galactic Core in Infrared

What's happening at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy? To help find out, the orbiting Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes have combined their efforts to survey the region in unprecedented detail in infrared light. Infrared light is particularly useful for probing the Milky Way's center because visible light is more greatly obscured by dust. The above image encompasses more than 2,000 images from the Hubble Space Telescope's NICMOS taken in 2008. The image spans 300 by 115 light years with such high resolution that structures only 20 times the size of our own Solar System are discernable. Clouds of glowing gas and dark dust as well as three large star clusters are visible. Magnetic fields may be channeling plasma along the upper left near the Arches Cluster, while energetic stellar winds are carving pillars near the Quintuplet Cluster on the lower left. The massive Central Cluster of stars surrounding Sagittarius A* is visible on the lower right. Why several central, bright, massive stars appear to be unassociated with these star clusters is not yet understood.

from NASA http://ift.tt/15d8D1i

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angryhijabi: haramzayn: Moroccan man in France killed at home...



Moroccan man in France killed at home in front of wife in ‘horrible Islamophobic attack’

A Moroccan man in France was brutally killed after being stabbed 17 times in front of his wife at his own home by a neighbour in what is described as a “horrible Islamophobic attack”.

Mohamed El Makouli was confronted by a 28-year-old attacker who forced himself through the front door at around 1:30am on Wednesday, shouting “I am your god, I am your Islam”, the National Observatory Against Islamophobia said yesterday.

The father of one, 47, was killed in the quiet village of Beaucet, near Avignon in southern France, while his 31-year-old wife Nadia tried to save him. She suffered wounds to her hands before she fled the scene with their child to call the police.

Observatory president Abdallah Zekri condemned the attack “as a horrible Islamophobic attack” and claimed that the victim’s partner was very clear about what the man had shouted regarding Islam.

He told AFP: “She is sure of what he [the attacker] said.”

The man was charged on Thursday with murder, attempted murder and possession of drugs before he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Montfavet. Police said yesterday that the claims of Islamophobia will be investigated when they start questioning the attacker.

He was reported to have been diagnosed with schizophrenia as he claimed he had heard voices and officials say that he was found at the scene in an incoherent state.

The attack is one of at least 50 Islamophobic incidences reported so far in the country after the murders of 17 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher supermarket in Paris earlier this month, according to the Central Council of Muslims in France.

The three gunmen had massacred cartoonists, journalists, police officers and hostages and claimed it was in revenge of drawings published in the satirical magazine of Prophet Mohamed.

A 20-year-old Muslim man originally from Eritrea, Khaled Idris Bahray, was stabbed to death in Dresden, Germany, on Tuesday. He is reported to have left his home on Monday and did not return before his body was found on the street in the early hours.

The attack on Bahray is feared to be linked to “anti-Islamification of Europe” marches held in Germany, which have been strongly condemned by the country’s leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Queue the silence about this among Je Suis Charlie-enthusiasts. Queue everyone calling these attacks hate crimes instead of what it actually is: real and brutal acts of terrorism.

Queue white people ignoring this.

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atmosphere over the pacific, photographed by goes-15, 12th-14th...

atmosphere over the pacific, photographed by goes-15, 12th-14th january 2015.

both gifs show sea surface temperature and water vapor in infrared light. each frame in the top gif is a stack of 4 images in sequence to show continuity of movement; the second gif shows only the top image in each stack.

image credit: noaa/nasa. composite/animation: ageofdestruction.

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Over 700 languages were spoken within the Incan Empire!

Over 700 languages were spoken within the Incan Empire!

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"we will drink from your skull, we will makes necklaces of your teeth, we will beat the drum made..."

“we will drink from your skull, we will makes necklaces of your teeth, we will beat the drum made from his skin, and thus we will dance”


Incan song sung before battle (via historical-nonfiction)





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THE JOY OF STATS! Studying Psychology? GO HERE —>...


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January 18th 1915: Japan issues ‘21 Demands’ On this day in...

China's acceptance of the 21 Demands

Ōkuma Shigenobu (1838 - 1922)

January 18th 1915: Japan issues ‘21 Demands’

On this day in 1915, during the First World War, Japan issued its ‘Twenty-One Demands’ to the Republic of China. This came during a period of Japanese expansion in East Asia, as the country aimed to increase its power in the region. Japan’s imperial desires followed the nation’s forcible opening to international trade by the forces of American Commodore Perry in the mid-nineteeth-century, ending hundreds years of the sakoku policy of isolation. The demands were drafted under Prime Minister Ōkuma Shigenobu and were presented to China’s General Yuan Shikai as an ultimatum, threatening China with war if they failed to comply. They included expanding Japan’s influence in southern Manchuria, the right of extraterritoriality, disallowing China from giving any land to countries other than Japan, and lastly the introduction of Japanese advisers to the Chinese government to essentially manage the whole economy. China objected to the last section and thus the Japanese revised the demands and then presented them again to China, who accepted the ultimatum in May 1915. Japan’s actions distanced the nation from its allies in Britain and the United States, who opposed this imperialist diplomacy. The Demands contributed to a growing anger towards Japan among Chinese people, and gave rise to an incipient nationalism. At the Washington Conference in 1921-1922, Japan agreed to withdraw troops from China and restore the nation’s sovereignty, thus essentially nullifying the Twenty-One Demands.

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