14 abril 2017

Simpatias de Páscoa - basta clicar e conferir!

Hoje vamos relembrar as simpatias que já apresentamos sobre Páscoa, para conferir as simpatias basta clicar nos links em destaque. 

Confira o  Ritual de Páscoa para Prosperidade você vai precisar de três cascas de ovos inteiras para fazer esta simpatia.

Uma ótima simpatia de Páscoa para resolver um problema, que pode ser feita entre quinta e o domingo. É com a água do peixe da semana santa. O problema pode ser sentimental, financeiro, de saúde. 

E veja também:
Simpatia de Páscoa para saber se ele vai ficar com você

Ritual de Páscoa para Atrair Riqueza e Fartura

E um ritual bem simples para fazer é  Simpatia de Páscoa para prosperar na vida você deve acender um vela branca e colocar perto dela um pedaço de pão caseiro. Em cima da fatia deve molhar com uma colher de vinho tinto. Espere a vela queimar e quando ela apagar, você deverá comer o pedaço de pão. 

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There are townships in the Canadian province of Ontario named after Protestant reformers Luther...

There are townships in the Canadian province of Ontario named after Protestant reformers Luther and Melanchthon. The Catholic surveyor gave them those names. Why would a Catholic do that? He wanted to encourage Protestant settlement in these swampy, nearly uninhabitable areas.

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Celebridades que viajaram no tempo

Ou não. :)





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The Osage Indian Murders

These were a series of murders of Osage people in Osage County, Oklahoma in the early 1920s. The Osage land happened to be oil-rich. Each Osage man had a headright, to a lucrative annual share of the oil revenues. And they were getting mysteriously killed. Newspapers described the increasing number of unsolved murders as the “Reign of Terror”. Estimates are that 60 or more wealthy, full-blood Osage were killed from 1921 to 1925. Whites would then get their headrights.

The obscure branch of the Department of Justice tasked with investigating would eventually become the FBI. An undercover operation discovered that a wealthy white rancher and his two nephews had arranged the killings. One nephew married an Osage woman, Mollie Kyle, then murdered her sisters, mother, and cousin to inherit the headrights and cash in on insurance policies. The ranchers killed more and more to silence co-conspirators and witnesses. And investigators, when they got involved, discovered Mollie was already being poisoned. The proto-FBI findings lead to Congress passing a law which  prohibited non-Osage from inheriting headrights from Osage, who had half or more Native American ancestry.

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Hubble Sees Starbursts in Virgo

Starburst galaxies contain regions where stars are forming at such a breakneck rate that the galaxy is eating up its gas supply faster than it can be replenished.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2oc4cxm
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official-kircheis: historical-nonfiction: The Icelandic...



The Icelandic fishing village of Flateyri was devastated when an avalanche buried 17 homes in 1995. To guard against further trouble, they built an earthen dam in the shape of an enormous “A.” And the dam worked! An avalanche struck the dam’s eastern wing in February 1999, and another struck the western wing the following March. Both were deflected harmlessly into the sea.

TBH this problem could also be solved by taking Flateyri and


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