15 julho 2019

Doppelgangers and Perception

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Hello, just wanna comment on something. Option B states that tupi-guarani is an indigenous language from in Brazil. I'm from Paraguay, where guarani is one of our official languages, and from what I understand tupi-guarani is a subfamily of the tupi languages, and while it is originally from what is now known as Brazil, it also comes from so many regions such as Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, etc, since it evolved from the guarani spoken by tribes that settled in specific regions.

Thanks for letting me know! Very interesting how the modern political borders interact with the linguistic ones

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The History of the Word “Pineapple”

Quick quiz question: does the English word “pineapple” come from

a) Spanish

b) Tupi-Guarani (indigenous Brazilian language)

c) Latin

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Earliest Evidence of Smoked Cannabis Found in Central Asia

Central Asians were smoking cannabis by 500 BCE! Archaeologists have found traces of cannabinol, an oxidative metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) in incense burners recovered from the ancient Jirzankal Cemetery on the Pamir Plateau in western China. It appears that cannabis plants were placed in the incense burners, then hot stones placed on top, to create a mind-bending smoke.

There is archaeological evidence that cannabis has been grown and cultivated since around 4000 BCE, but because those plants had very low THC content, they were likely being grown for their fiber and oil.

The new discovery at Pamir Plateau is the first clear evidence of cannabis being used for its psychoactive properties. Especially interesting: the charred remains had higher THC concentrations than are found in wild plants, suggesting they had deliberately been cultivated to enhance their psychoactive properties, or that the Jirzankal people sought out wild plants with especially high THC content.

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Psychology Symbol Information Guide

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Artist Russ Arasmith's Visions of Apollo

Artist Russ Arasmith's vision of Apollo was a potent vision of the program that shows in the works he created.

from NASA https://ift.tt/32qhsTK
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