04 maio 2017

The Bull s Eye and the Young Moon

Aldebaran, eye of Taurus the Bull, and a young crescent Moon shared an early evening sky last Friday. The lovely celestial pairing could be enjoyed around planet Earth, but from some locations the Moon was even seen to pass in front of Aldebaran, a dramatic lunar occultation of the familiar bright star. Taken at nightfall on April 28, this skyscape captures Aldebaran shortly after it emerged from behind the bright lunar limb. In the foreground are craggy peaks of the Dolomite mountains near Laggio di Cadore, Italy. Before reappearing beyond the sunlit crescent, Aldebaran first winked out behind the Moon's ashen glow, the lunar nightside faintly illuminated by earthshine.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2pJMkxO
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Unfollowing because you admit you made things up. I didn't follow you to be trolled. But aside from that thank you for telling me about the tomb in Xinzhou made my day.

Fair! I thought I made it clear this was a multiple-choice, but if more than one person was confused, the post wasn’t well-written.

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Y’all, only one of those reasons are true! Three I totally made up. The question is -- which one?

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A New Tomb Has Been Found In China

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Sorry I accidentally posted a reply before I had finished writing it on the last post about middle easterners and white/caucasians (and I don't know how to remove/edit it so). I just don't really understanding why they wouldn't be considered caucasians since many middle easterners come from the caucasus or nearby?

The reason is sadly simple: Americans were racist. First, “white” = “caucasian,” in American English. And “white” = “light-skinned from the right countries in western Europe,” in American minds. Therefore, “white” /=/ middle easterners. No matter the geographical reality!

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Why Are Middle Easterners Considered White On The US Census?

In 1923, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that Middle Easterners were Caucasian, but were not “white” because most laypeople did not consider them as such. This case was being brought to court because Middle Easterners were being treated as “coloreds” and not “Caucasian/Whites” in US states with segregation laws. If a group was considered “Caucasian/White” they had access to better facilities, better schools, and sometimes entire towns which kept out “coloreds.” The 1923 ruling basically said that Middle Easterners could be legally discriminated against. They could be considered “coloreds.”

The U.S. Supreme Court changed its mind in 1946, relabelling them “white.” And through today, Middle Easterners check the box next to “white” on the US Census.

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Coral: Just The Facts

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The Chonmage (a traditional Japanese top knot) was used to hold a samurai’s helmet steady...

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Illustration of an Earth-Sized 'Tatooine' Planet

This illustration shows a hypothetical planet covered in water around the binary star system of Kepler-35A and B. With two suns in its sky, Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine in "Star Wars" looks like a parched, sandy desert world. In real life, we know that two-star systems can indeed support planets.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2p9yXmD
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When did shaving begin?




The answer: probably about 30,000 BCE.  Cavemen originally used seashells or sharpened flint to literally scrape the hair off their bodies. We know because scientists found the flint and seashells, and carbon-dated them. 

whoever thought it up, it probably spread like lightning.

“you know how your beard is always super itchy?”


“check this out” *shaves*


Also because lice! Apparently the ancient Egyptians would shave themselves completely, regardless of gender, to prevent lice

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