18 dezembro 2016

The Cartwheel Galaxy from Hubble

To some, it looks like the wheel of a cart. In fact, because of its outward oval appearance, the presence of a central galaxy, and their connection with what looks like the spokes of a wheel, the galaxy on the right is known as the Cartwheel Galaxy. To others, however, it looks like a complicated interaction between galaxies awaiting explanation. Along with the two galaxies on the left, the Cartwheel is part of a group of galaxies about 400 million light years away in the constellation Sculptor. The large galaxy's rim spans over 100,000 light years and is composed of star forming regions filled with extremely bright and massive stars. Pictured, the Cartwheel's ring-like shape is the result of gravitational disruption caused by a smaller galaxy passing through a large one, compressing the interstellar gas and dust and causing a star formation wave to move out like a ripple across the surface of a pond.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2heYLKP
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Fascinating to watch. I had never even heard of the kingdom of...

Fascinating to watch. I had never even heard of the kingdom of Mari, and it was around for centuries. And came back from the dead twice.

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December 18th 1892: The Nutcracker debutsOn this day in 1892,...

December 18th 1892: The Nutcracker debuts

On this day in 1892, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s ballet The Nutcracker received its debut at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg. By this point, Tchaikovsky was a noted composer, and had already produced his masterpieces the ‘1812 Overture’, and the ballet Swan Lake, though the latter was not initially a critical success. The Nutcracker told the story of an enchanted Nutcracker doll, which leads its young friend into a magical world where they battle the evil Mouse King. The story was adapted by Tchaikovsky from Alexandre Dumas’ own adaptation of the E.T.A Hoffman story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. The ballet was choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. Like Swan Lake, The Nutcracker was not an immediate success, but Tchaikovsky’s score was generally praised. Indeed, ‘Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy’ became one of his most famous compositions. Tchaikovsky died the year after the premiere of The Nutcracker, never seeing his ballet become the hugely popular Christmas classic it is today.

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Amazingly, this 14,500-year-old paleolithic art is under a...

Amazingly, this 14,500-year-old paleolithic art is under a building complex in a city in Spain. The cave is easily accessible, and was popular with schoolchildren until the 1970s when construction waste blocked the entrance. Miraculously the rock art survived graffiti-free. Perhaps more miraculously, the cave itself didn’t get buried or collapse due to the city that was built on top of it. On the cave’s walls are over 50 drawings of animals which once roamed the Iberian Peninsula, including bison, horses, goats, and an extinct subspecies of lion.

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December 17th 1989: The Simpsons debutOn this day in 1989, the...

December 17th 1989: The Simpsons debut

On this day in 1989, the first episode of the animated series The Simpsons was aired in the United States. The first episode was the Christmas episode - ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’ - and aired on the Fox network. The creator of the series, Matt Groening, first wrote short sketches involving the family in 1987, airing on The Tracy Ullman Show. By 1989, the popularity of the characters secured The Simpsons a full half-hour series. The Simpsons endures as an iconic and popular television series around the world, and will soon air its 29th season.

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