22 novembro 2017

VISIT –> http://ift.tt/1eWNk1f for quality...

VISIT –> http://ift.tt/1eWNk1f for quality psychology information and resources.

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Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka

Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka, are the bright bluish stars from east to west (lower right to upper left) along the diagonal in this cosmic vista. Otherwise known as the Belt of Orion, these three blue supergiant stars are hotter and much more massive than the Sun. They lie from 800 to 1,500 light-years away, born of Orion's well-studied interstellar clouds. In fact, clouds of gas and dust adrift in this region have some surprisingly familiar shapes, including the dark Horsehead Nebula and Flame Nebula near Alnitak at the lower right. The famous Orion Nebula itself is off the right edge of this colorful starfield. This well-framed, 2-panel telescopic mosaic spans about 4 degrees on the sky.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2A3km2Q
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stories about winter. northern hemisphere, earth, photographed...

stories about winter. northern hemisphere, earth, photographed by suomi npp weather satellite, 20-22 november 2017.

image credit: noaa, via nasa worldview. selection & treatment: ageofdestruction

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Have you ever wondered how old airline meals are? Well, wonder...

Have you ever wondered how old airline meals are? Well, wonder no longer! The first cooked airline meals were served on an Imperial Airlines flight from London to Paris on May 1st, 1927.

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maxiesatanofficial: historical-nonfiction: Yokai are...



Yokai are shape-shifting creatures native to Japan; they can appear as animals like turtles or deer, or as inanimate objects, or even plants! They live on the edge of towns and between villages. Yokai come in many forms, some bringing good fortune, some bringing calamity and illness.

I’m fairly sure folklore and mythology don’t quite qualify as “nonfiction” so my question is: what does historical-nonfiction know that we don’t

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Simpatia para não pegar olho gordo

Simpatia para afastar o olho gordo da sua vida de vez.

Faça parte também do canal - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwIvjlIWN3xT3jjxZSvz2cQ

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10 Things You Should Know About Psychology

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"Fear is stronger than arms."

“Fear is stronger than arms.”


Aeschylus, circa 467 BCE.

He was a playwrite, known as the “Father of Tragedy.” His plays are the earliest tragedies that we have the text for. Though unfortunately only seven of Aeschylus’ plays survived, of an estimated seventy to ninety plays he wrote.

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The Beauty of Ice

Ice can be stunningly beautiful and also quite varied in its appearance.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2zssDk2
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Visit –>...

Visit –> http://ift.tt/1BuDeku to check out 10 brilliant cartoons for psychology students.

(Fab cartoon by Shenanigansen via owlturd.com)

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Qualitative Content Analysis: A Focus on Trustworthiness

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