28 setembro 2018

Medieval Viking Town the Size of London Was An International Destination

Analysis of human remains from the Viking town of Sigtuna dating to the 900s to the 1100s CE finds that at least half the population consisted of immigrants. Researchers from Stockholm University studied DNA and strontium isotopes from the remains of 38 people to determine where they originated. They found that around half came from the nearby Lake Mälaren area, but the other half came from areas as far off as Ukraine and the British Isles.

Sigtuna, in other words, was the Viking Age equivalent of London or Shanghai today! Sigtuna was one of Sweden’s first cities, founded in 980 by the country’s first Christian king, Olof Skötkonung. It quickly grew and reached a population of 10,000. That’s roughly the same as London at the time. The new discoveries suggest that the city grew partially due to new arrivals, ambitious people interested in working their way up in the world. While Vikings are generally thought of as travelers and adventurers, this suggests they welcomed travelers too.

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Apollo 7 Crew Trains to Test Technology for Missions to the Moon

This Aug. 5 1968 image was taken aboard the MV Retriever in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Apollo 7 crew, Walter Schirra, Walter Cunningham and Donn Eisele practiced water egress procedures in preparation for the October 1968 mission.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2xN1NAb
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The Last Samurai

The year was 1868 and the Boshin War – also known as the Japanese Revolution – had made its way north to the the city of Aizu. The Aizu Clan was locked in battle with the Imperial Army, who were trying to restore the power of the Japanese Emperor to rule the country. Aizu was on the side of those who wanted to keep the shogunate system, where power lay in the hands of feudal lords and the samurai they employed. This battle here would be one of the last. The castle at Aizu was besieged and, after a month, the rulers surrendered.

There was a particularly famous incident that occurred during the Battle of Aizu. A group of teenage warriors, 16 or 17 years old, had retreated to a hill from which to survey the battle and figure out what to do next. Called Byakkotai, their unit was intended to be reserve warriors, who fought if things got dire. And things were very dire: looking down on the city the Byakkotai saw flames consuming everything. The castle had fallen! The last stronghold of the Aizu was gone. Rather than surrender and lose their honor, the young soldiers drew their swords and committed suicide.

What makes the Byakkotai’s story so tragic – and famous – was that they were wrong. The castle had not fallen, yet, although parts of the city of Aizu were indeed on fire. They died for nothing.

It was the beginning of the end and it wouldn’t be long until the Emperor Meiji was able to take control of all of Japan. After their defeat the armies of Aizu and its allies were banished, and lost all status – and as samurai under a shogunate they had been near the top of the totem pole in Japan. It was a big loss. A loss that echoed across the entire country as samurai everywhere lost their privileges and had to adapt to a new way of living.

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Oração Poderosa do manto de Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Oração Poderosa do Manto de Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Estamos reunidos em Nome do Pai, do filho e do Espírito Santo.

Ave Maria...
Ó Mãe amorosa, Rainha e protetora do meu caminhar.
Lance o teu olhar sobre mim, minha família, minha saúde, meus negócios, meu lar.
Como minha Mãe que é, me dá abrigo. E que debaixo do teu manto azul eu tenha morada.
Minha Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Embaixo do teu manto eu estou protegido e guardado,
O  Mal não se aproximará de mim.
Protegido sob o teu manto eu me sentirei amado, pois não estou sozinho e abandonado, a Senhora olha por mim.
Protegido sob o teu manto eu não serei vítima de tempestades, desgraças e maldades, a Senhora Zela por mim.
Protegido sob o teu manto eu terei a paz na minha vida e no meu coração, a Senhora me abençoa.
Protegido sob teu manto eu me curo das minhas enfermidades,  a Senhora cuida de mim.
 Eu me protejo com o seu manto, minha Senhora, a dor, a depressão, a angústia, a solidão, a fraqueza, a doença, a tristeza, a maldade, a inveja, o desemprego, a escassez, o terror, o medo,  não entram junto comigo, eles não tem morada junto a Senhora. Eu entro como eu sou e saio como eu deveria ser: fortalecido, protegido, guardado, confiante, esperançoso, amado, um Filho de Deus, um Filho de Nossa Senhora.
Quero sentir o teu Amor de mãe no meu coração, pois não quero dar um passo que seja que não esteja guardado por ti.
No poder do Nome de Jesus eu te peço: Rogai por nós santa Mãe de Deus, para que sejamos dignos das promessas de Cristo.

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