07 julho 2017

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President Theodore Roosevelt’s son, Theodore Roosevelt III, fought in the the initial landing on Utah Beach during D-Day, and received the Medal of Honor for his actions there.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. did, not Theodore Roosevelt III who was Jr’s son.

Theodore Roosevelt II, properly called Theodore Roosevelt Jr., was actually the Teddy Roosevelt we all remember as the tattoo-bearing, hill-assaulting, Amazon rainforest-exploring president! Of course, Teddy Roosevelt became much more famous than the philanthropist father he was named after. As such, most people forgot he was a Jr.

Theodore Roosevelt III, Teddy Roosevelt’s son, was therefore often called Theodore Jr.

Interestingly, Theodore Roosevelt III had a son…and named him Theodore Roosevelt. Because Jr. apparently loved being called the wrong name. Technically a “IV,” the grandson of Teddy Roosevelt was so commonly called “III” that it’s the heading of his wikipedia page!

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