08 junho 2017

Tannit – or Tannou or Tangou or Tinnit – was the...

Tannit – or Tannou or Tangou or Tinnit – was the main maternal goddess of Carthage alongside her consort Ba`al Hammon. She was the goddess of war, of mothers, and to a lesser extent of fertility. She remained popular even after the fall of Carthage. She was first venerated in North Africa under the Latin name of Juno Caelestis, the romanized version of the goddess. Outside the sphere of Roman influence, the Berber peoples of North Africa adopted her cult under her original Carthaginian name. In modern-day Tunisian Arabic, it is still customary to invoke “Omek Tannou” or “Oumouk Tangou” (Mother Tannou or Tangou depending on the region), in years of drought to bring rain.  

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