23 abril 2017

Who Invented Sugar Packets?

The man was Benjamin Eisenstadt. He had worked at a tea bag factory when he was a young immigrant in New York, and as an adult he ran a family dinner in Brooklyn. His family was constantly annoyed with their clumpy, coffee-stained sugar bowls. Refilling and unclogging them was a pain. Eisenstadt had a problem, and he came up with a solution: put the sugar in packets.

He went to Domino and offered his unpatented idea to them. They said “no, thanks.” Then a month later Domino was producing sugar in packets. Eisenstadt got the best revenge though. He founded Cumberland Packing which is better known today as the Sweet ‘N Low company. They produce packets of artificial sweetener, specifically saccharin, and Sweet 'N Low successfully competed with Domino, the sugar company that ripped him off. Sweet 'N Low still has their headquarters at the original family diner in Brooklyn.

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