23 agosto 2019

FIFA throws a World Champions’ Gold Cup every 50 years. It is open only to countries that...

FIFA throws a World Champions’ Gold Cup every 50 years. It is open only to countries that have won the Men’s World Cup. The most recent was in 1980, with Uruguay taking the cup, and the next one will be in 2030.

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Prece matinal pela saúde física

Prece matinal pela saúde física “Quero nesta manhã pedir a saúde física. Protegei o meu corpo contra todos os perigos e contra todos os males que possam torná-lo frágil. Dai-me coragem para afastar-me de tudo o que possa prejudicar minha saúde. Que o vosso espírito, que levantou a tantos de seus leitos e de suas prostrações possa fazer morada em meu coração e me curar, trazer saúde e proteção

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What Is Meditation Therapy and What Are the Benefits?

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Hubble Captures Dynamic Dying Star

This Hubble image shows a dark, gloomy scene in the constellation of Gemini (the Twins). The subject of this image confused astronomers when it was first studied — rather than being classified as a single object, it was instead recorded as two objects, owing to its symmetrical lobed structure.

from NASA https://ift.tt/2Nr3vQv
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VISIT –>...

VISIT –> www.all-about-psychology.com/neuropsychology.html for quality neuropsychology information and resources.

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https://ift.tt/2L1XNS7 meditation...


Is meditation therapy right for you? Excellent evidence-based article on the benefits of meditation, be it mindfulness or more traditional meditation techniques.

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