29 março 2017

Arctic Inuit and Native Americans carry a specific genetic...

Arctic Inuit and Native Americans carry a specific genetic adaptation for severe cold climates. It allows the body to generate heat from a specific type of body fat. This gene, from Greenland Inuits, was compared to DNA from ancient Neanderthals and Denisovians in a recent study. The results suggest that the genetic advantage came from an archaic, extinct hominid population, probably related to Denisovians.

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Settling, trading, and raiding from Afghanistan to Canada, the Vikings visited what are today 37...

Settling, trading, and raiding from Afghanistan to Canada, the Vikings visited what are today 37 countries!

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The Splitting of the Dunes

The mound in the center of this Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter image appears to have blocked the path of the dunes as they marched south (north is to the left in this image) across the scene. Smaller dunes run perpendicular to some of the larger-scale dunes, probably indicating a shift in wind directions in this area.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2nAjle8
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4 Fabulous Facts All Psychology Students Should Know

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March 29th 1879: Battle of KambulaOn this day in 1879, the...

March 29th 1879: Battle of Kambula

On this day in 1879, the Battle of Kambula occurred, marking a decisive moment in the Anglo-Zulu War. The war in South Africa began in 1878 after the murder of several British citizens by Zulus and the Zulu king’s refusal to hand over the perpetrators for trial. However, authorities in Britain had long been seeking pretense to launch an assault on the Zulu Kingdom to consolidate British rule in the area. The indigenous Zulu warriors had some initial success against the European invaders, including at the battle of Isandlwana in January 1879, though this victory was offset by defeat at Rourke’s Drift. Wary of the enemy, British forces in the Zulu Kingdom led by Evelyn Wood fortified an area near Kambula. On March 29th the Zulu army launched an attack on the British position, but their advance was halted by a British mounted force. The Zulu forces continued their attack, and 11,000 fighters charged head-on into a hail of British fire. They sustained heavy losses, but the Zulu army successfully exerted pressure on the British stronghold and forced the defenders to retreat. Despite putting up a considerable attack, the Zulu forces were eventually forced to retreat under British fire. The battle was a decisive British victory, with the defenders losing 29 soldiers and the Zulu up to 3,000. Kambula also severely weakened the Zulu forces, allowing the British to ultimately defeat the Zulu and imprison their king in July. British victory spelled the end of the independence of the Zulu nation in South Africa.

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As influências da Lua na Magia e também na realidade

Sem dúvidas entre as perguntas que nos fazem,  uma questões que lideram é sobre as influências de Lua, e por isso, vamos colocar na nossa lista de artigos que pretendemos escrever em breve.

Infelizmente, a correria do dia-a-dia tem nos deixado com uma infinidade de questões para tratar, mas fica essa dívida para em breve falar com toda a profundidade necessária sobre a Lua.

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E mais do que simplesmente falar sobre ela na magia, vamos falar também do que existe de cientificamente comprovado de influências da lua.
Nós vamos pesquisar com grande profundidade sobre isso quanto trouxermos uma matéria completa. E existe uma infinidade de estudos sobre as influências da lua, sem falar nas superstições e mitos.
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