15 março 2017

The Cone Nebula from Hubble

Stars are forming in the gigantic dust pillar called the Cone Nebula. Cones, pillars, and majestic flowing shapes abound in stellar nurseries where natal clouds of gas and dust are buffeted by energetic winds from newborn stars. The Cone Nebula, a well-known example, lies within the bright galactic star-forming region NGC 2264. The Cone was captured in unprecedented detail in this close-up composite of several observations from the Earth-orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. While the Cone Nebula, about 2,500 light-years away in Monoceros, is around 7 light-years long, the region pictured here surrounding the cone's blunted head is a mere 2.5 light-years across. In our neck of the galaxy that distance is just over half way from our Sun to its nearest stellar neighbors in the Alpha Centauri star system. The massive star NGC 2264 IRS, seen by Hubble's infrared camera in 1997, is the likely source of the wind sculpting the Cone Nebula and lies off the top of the image. The Cone Nebula's reddish veil is produced by glowing hydrogen gas.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2mqrwGk
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Simpatia para recuperar / conquistar amor difícil bem rápido

Trazemos hoje, uma ótima simpatia para recuperar ou conquistar um amor difícil. Sempre é bastante procurado este tipo de magias, nos até já demos dicas para conquistar um homem difícil (confira clicando) e já apresentamos simpatias para conquistar um homem. Ótimas que fale a pena você conferir também.
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Simpatia de Amarração do Caroço do abacate - para trazer de volta também!

Hoje, trazemos mais uma simpatia para conquistar a pessoa amada, confira o material necessário:
- Leite (7 colheres)
- canela
- cravo da índia (3 se o nome dele começa com consoante e 7 se começa com vogal)
- um prato
- uma vela laranja, castiçal ou pires, fósforos para acender a vela
Você deve fazer a simpatia logo depois que anoiteceu, o sol precisa já ter ido, mas quanto mais perto do momento que a noite caiu, mais rápido será o efeito da simpatia.
Você irá pegar a vela laranja e acender e dizer:
O Sol o astro rei que acabou de se por, assim como o meu amor. Eu, (diga o seu nome) acendo esta vela para você, em troca você acende com seu calor novamente o meu amor (diga o nome da pessoa amada). Que irá voltar a pensar em mim e ficará totalmente apaixonado por mim.
Com a vela acesa, coloque ao lado da vela o copo, coloque 7 colheres de leite, acrescente umas pitadas de canela e coloque os cravos, um por um.
Se a primeira letra do nome dele é vogal coloque 7 cravos
Se a primeira letra do nome da pessoa amada é consoante coloque 3 cravos.
Deixe a vela queimar por completo e estará concluída a simpatia.
Depois pode se desfazer colocando as sobras de vela e leite e ingredientes na natureza, em área de campo, jardim, mato. Como achar melhor.
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THE PSYCHOLOGY OF NATURE!If you like psychology, you’ll love...

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The Henbury meteorite field in Australia wasn’t found until...

The Henbury meteorite field in Australia wasn’t found until 1899 and wasn’t recognized as impact sites until 1931. At least, by white colonialists. The Aboriginals near the site had a long oral tradition about the area, and warned others about the “fire devil“ who struck there over 4,700 years ago.

Aboriginal oral traditions are notably accurate. They are passed down each generation, in a special way where grandparents correct stories as parents tell them to their children. This means Aboriginal oral tradition is unusually accurate, even recording where islands used to be before sea level rise at the end of the last ice age! Increased attention is now being paid to their tradition by modern scientists and archaeologists, are more and more examples are found of their phenomenal ancient accuracy.

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Meet John Clem. He was a drummer boy during the American Civil...

Meet John Clem. He was a drummer boy during the American Civil War and at the age of just twelve fought in the Battle of Chickamauga with the 22nd Michigan.  In the course of a Union retreat, he shot a Confederate colonel who had demanded his surrender. After the battle, the “Drummer Boy of Chickamauga” was promoted to sergeant, the youngest soldier ever to be a noncommissioned officer in the United States Army. He was famous overnight and used as propoganda by both the Confederates and the Union. There was even a song (wrongly) called “The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh!”

After the war, Johnny graduated from high school and promptly returned to the army. He served in the Spanish-American War and the occupation of Puerto Rico, and was promoted to brigadier general. He only left the army when forced to retire due to hitting the mandatory retirement age of 64 in 1916. Johnny Clem was the last American Civil War veteran still on duty.

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NASA's Webb Telescope Ghostly 'Lights Out' Inspection

The technicians who are inspecting the telescope and its expansive golden mirrors look like ghostly wraiths in this image as they conduct a "lights out inspection" in the Spacecraft Systems Development and Integration Facility (SSDIF) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2n006uB
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March 15th 1848: Hungarian Revolution beginsOn this day in 1848,...

March 15th 1848: Hungarian Revolution begins

On this day in 1848, a revolution broke out in Hungary, one of many in the ‘Year of Revolutions’. There had been a growing reform movement in Hungary which demanded change and provisions for those who had been most affected by the economic downturn after the Napoleonic Wars. Journalist Lajos Kossuth became leader of this movement, and pushed for democracy and civil equality in Hungary. As it stood, the Hungarian elites did not pay tax but only they had the vote - the system was in dire need of change. The Habsburg monarchs tried to suppress the movement by blocking its legislation and arresting its leaders. The full revolution began with mass demonstrations and insurrections throughout Hungary. The powers-that-be acquiesced on some demands - passing reforms and establishing a new parliament. As the imperial government of Austria tied to halt the movement, the revolution soon evolved into a war of independence. Hungary lost the war, and the Austrians retained control over the kingdom.

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