16 setembro 2016

Full Moon over Brno

After sunset this gorgeous full moon rose over Brno city in the Czech Republic on July 20, 2016. The panoramic image was made during a celebration of the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. A series of exposures captures the yellow hued lunar disk against the fading colors of twilight, with the 14th century Spilberk castle illuminated in the foreground. Of course, tonight's full moon is called the Harvest Moon. The closest full moon to the northern hemisphere's autumnal equinox, its traditional name has long been celebrated in story and song. Tonight's full lunar phase also coincides with a subtle, penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon passing only through the Earth's diffuse, outer shadow.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2cw3LdH
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Well, the first comic book wasn’t a superhero at all it was...

Well, the first comic book wasn’t a superhero at all it was The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck by Swiss artist Rudolphe Töpffer. Töpffer, who is also credited with making the first comic strip in 1827, wrote the comic in 1837. It is 40 pages long with six to 12 panels per page. There were no speech bubbles; instead, the text was written below the picture.

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Fotógrafo amador divulga foto mais convincente do Monstro do lago Ness


Fotógrafo amador Ian Bremner, de 58 anos, avistou uma criatura com três corcovas que ele acredita que poderia ser o lendário Monstro do lago Ness enquanto dirigia em torno do lago.

Ele disse que ficou surpreso quando percebeu que sua fotografia pode ser uma das únicas peças de evidências que comprovem a existência da criatura.

A foto, foi feita enquanto dirigia em busca de cervos vermelhos, registravam as águas calmas do lago Ness.

Somente ao chegar em casa e olhar as suas fotos percebeu que algo mais havia sido registrado por meio das lentes de sua câmera.

A fotografia parece mostrar uma criatura com corpo longo, pelo menos dois metros de comprimento, enquanto parece balançar a cabeça e bater a cauda.

Seria esta a prova definitiva da existência do Monstro do lago Ness?

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The Forgotten Earthquakes

On July 28th, 1976, two earthquakes hit in China, near the city of Tangshan. They were just 100 miles from Beijing. Tangshan was a city of 1 million that was almost completely destroyed in a day. Beijing’s port city, Tianjin, was also hit as was parts of the capital Beijing. Although the death toll was never confirmed by Chinese authorities, it may have exceeded 700,000. That would easily make the Tangshan earthquakes the most deadly natural catastrophe of the 1900s.

China at the time was still reeling from the aftermath of its decade-long and ultimately pointless “Cultural Revolution.” The response to the earthquakes was incompetent, ineffective, and corrupt. It directly led to more deaths and more suffering. Word of the earthquake and the terrible relief effort spread throughout China. In whispers, of course, since counterrevolutionaries were and are still arrested when the crime is nothing more than speaking a unhappy truth about the government. Already in poor health, Mao died just six weeks after Tangshan. And suddenly that and the ensuing power struggle were all that was talked about. The largest natural disaster of a century, and it is not taught or remembered.

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NASA's IceBridge Observes Effects of Summer Melt on Greenland Ice Sheet

NASA's IceBridge, an airborne survey of polar ice, flew over the Helheim/Kangerdlugssuaq region of Greenland on Sept. 11, 2016. This photograph from the flight captures Greenland's Steenstrup Glacier, with the midmorning sun glinting off of the Denmark Strait in the background.

from NASA http://ift.tt/2cOTwkk
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